When I first setup my blog in 2007, I was using Wordpress 2.2.1. My main topic was Solaris 10 and the developments going on around OpenSolaris. Thanks to some contacts to Sun Microsystems I had the chance to attend some very interesting events like the Sun Tech Days in Frankfurt.

But even back then, I was not completely happy with Wordpress and the hell load of work required to keep it running: Install updates in Wordpress, for your webserver, for your database, for foobar…

So somewhen I decided to drop the complete setup and move to a hosted provider where I just have to keep an eye on my Wordpress. I finally ended up at Uberspace, a german provider by nerds for nerds. If you want to host a website or get a platform for your applications: Give them a try!!!

Getting rid of the infrastructure issues was great but still, as soon as you want to change something on your website, you need to dig deep in the guts of Wordpress and hey, it’s still PHP :-/

Hence here is my next (and hopefully sucessful) attempt to use a differnent platform which seems to be really easy: Jekyll